Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Fling!

Our neighborhood holds a spring fling every year in the park. We all had a blast! We took the kids cousin Jaiden and her friend Tatum with us. It was the first weekend that it has been hot and I forgot the sunscreen..oops, we were all burnt to a crisp! I think Preston ate more junk than he ever has before and Maci discovered cheetos and snow cones!

I Love Softball

Last game of the season! Its a good thing the next season starts next week. I love softball. Its the way I de-stress from the prevous week. This is what my family does every friday night. I love that they come out to watch me play ball every week :)

My garden

My Dad called and told me to go to his house a few weekends ago and that he had a suprise for me. When I got there he took me out back and showed me the two garden boxes he made for me. I was so excited!!! That weekend the kids and I went to the store and got a ton of seeds. I let the kids pick them out,we got carrots, radishes, okra, brussle strouts, zuchinni, cucumber, garlic, red onion, and tomatos! The garden is doing very good. We got our first radish from it last weekend. mmm....good! Cant wait till the other stuff is ready!


We went out to my Grandma and Grandpas for Easter this year and had a blast! Im pretty sure we no longer can get away with taking our own family pics. Im gonna have to hire a photographer! As you can see we FAILED this time :)


My sweet little bunny!

Finally found a house

Oh wow I can already tell I am not going to be very good at this blogging stuff :) Well we have finally found a house and are going to be moving into it the first part of May! What a headache this has been. Hopefully we dont have to move again for a long, long time. The kids are so excited and Im stoked to have a HUGE kitchen! I love to bake and now will have plenty of space to do it in after I get rid of the sun thing the previous owners painted on the wall. So let the packing begin.